About Us

Lapan Satu is one of Singapore’s leading batik wholesalers. Established in 1985, we specialize in Batik and Batik products, such as apparels and bags, supplying our products to retailers all around Singapore.

We started off as a humble Batik retailer, but in order to spread our love for Batik and design we moved into the wholesale business, providing more outlets for customers to experience our products.

With over thirty years of experience, we ensure that all our products are of excellent quality. We not only import high quality Batik fabrics, but also design our own Batik patterns.

We believe that design is a very important aspect of every products, which is why we provided customized Batik design to cater to every need. We take pride in our design and products, and constantly strive to provide the best for our customers.

In addition to Batik, we also sell high quality t-shirts that have been specially designed to cater to the tourist market, for everyone to bring a piece of Singapore back with them.